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1980 C172N, N4963G available for instruction and rental. IFR Garmin G430 equipped

(Aircraft operated by Sunwest Aviation).

ABC Airsports Cessna C172

Cessna 172

Required paperwork

All paperwork has to be filled and completed for the checkout. To save money, I would highly recommand to complete it before your scheduled checkout.

Member Check Out Form:  download pdf form

Instructor Aircraft Checkout:  download pdf form  (we'll fill this one together during xout. Print and bring with you)

Rental Agreement: download pdf form

Member Rules:  download pdf form  (no fees for KIZA, fees only for required badge at KSBP)

N4963G Weight & Balance: download pdf form

N4963G POH Front Cover with Serial: download pdf form

Weblink to a similar 1980 C172N POH for information: C172N_POH