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What does it takes to obtain a private pilot license and what can I do with it:

TSA requirements are the same as for the FirstLesson. Look at this page

Each rating has a defined list of requirements for it, both in experience, skills and knowledge.

The requirements for the airplane private pilot are listed in “private pilot ACS”

You can download this document (private pilot ACS) from the faa website:

All the books required to study for the knowledge can be obtain for free from the FAA website:

Purchase airplane flying handbook/aeronautical knowledge combo from Sporty's: Purchase from sporty's

A medical examination has to be completed prior to soloing:

You have to complete it with an FAA medical examiner, called AME.

A list of medical examiner (AME) can be obtain from this link:

The flight training is basically built around learning and experience blocks.

Here is a simplified list of the basic blocks:

The pre-solo phase, with flight maneuvers, take offs and landings, emergencies

Solo phase with local flights

Advanced take offs and landings

Dual cross country flights

Solo cross country flights

Night flying

A checkride with an FAA flying examiner

You will also need to pass an FAA written test at an approved testing site:

Knowledge test sample:

How to find a testing center:

Time and cost to obtain a private pilot license:

It really varies from person to person, depending on prior knowledge, experiences, age...

The common "thing" which makes some pilot complete their training and others dropping out is sticking with it! That's it... just gotta stick with it, study and practice...

The lengh of time depends on how often you fly and how much time you dedicate to it. A good pace, is to have one to two lessons a week. To really make progress, someone should really fly at least twice a month.

The average cost of a single dual lesson is $240.00-$300.00 and a single solo lesson $155.00-$200.00

1974 Cessna 172M, N12290 available for instruction

$179.00/hr wet + $10.00 fuel surcharge at this time

Single engine & ground instruction $90.00/hr

Instrument instruction $95.00/hr

Elite BATD flight simulator dual instruction (instruction and sim) $140.00/hr (sim not available for solo use)

Multi engine piston instruction $100.00/hr

Turbine, Single or Multi $140.00/hr

Full day flat rate $750.00/day (max 10hrs total, 6hrs flying)

ABC Airsports current students proceed to this page to download your needed material: DOWNLOAD PAGE