October 2017

Obtain your FAA Flight Review at the sunny and low traffic KIZA (Santa Ynez, CA) airport.

C172, N4963G available for instruction and rental. Garmin G430 equipped (Aircraft operated by Sunwest Aviation).

C172 N4963G Weight and Balance information DOWNLOAD

FAA AC_91_98C advisory circular on flight reviews DOWNLOAD

FAA Guide on how to conduct an effective flight review DOWNLOAD

FAA list of regulations with FAR's numbers and list of maneuvers to perform during flight review DOWNLOAD

If you feel "rusty" or just want to prepare well for your flight review, consider Sporty's online course:


The minimum time for a flight review (by FAA regulation) is 1 hour flight time and 1 hour ground time (unless you have passed an approved method of completing the gound portion).

If you complete all the checkout paperwork, you could complete a C172 checkout at the same time.